Oncology Esthetician Services

We are proud the following Oncology Spa Services are now available by a Certified Oncology Esthetician (OE).

Dear Guest:

As part of our ongoing commitment to support you, and your unique path through your journey, we would like to welcome you to our Oncology Esthetics Services.  With our specialized training and knowledge can provide the skills to:

  • Understand cancer, current treatments and side effects of those treatments.
  • Provide non-invasive and beneficial treatments specially designed for cancer patients.
  • Recommend and administer safe and beneficial skin treatments based on medical history and skin condition.
  • Provide a safe and sanitary environment for guests with compromised immune systems.
  • Listen with compassionate ears, respecting our guests privacy, medical conditions and at all times confidentiality.

Our promise to you, is to help every individual living or re-covering from the symptoms of cancer so we can display the beauty from within.

  • From each oncology service performed, 20% will be donated back the the Cancer Centre

Guidance is here if you need assistance with ingredients or have questions about home skin care.  We are here to help. ( The skin care line used is AlpenRausch by ( Dr.Spiller ) it is a Minimum 95% organic quality, Cosmos Organic Certified.

Specialized Facial Care

A calm soothing caring Facial designed to help with the side effects of medication and treatments.  From sensitive, itchy rashes and redness to flaky, dry dehydrated skin.  Will will customize your Facial, assess your needs to give you visible results, reduce your stress and promote healing.  Relax with a soothing gentle touch therapy for your scalp and hands.


Specialized Body Care

The side effects of medication and treatments can leave the skin on the body sore, irritated, tight and swollen. ( The feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin?  We understand that), we will customize your body treatment to help aid your needs.  We will help provide relaxation, decrease tension, soothe and hydrate dryness and fragility to the skin.



Studies have shown that the power of resting in the comfort of healing hands can reduce pain, fatigue and inflammation.  Our Oncology Estheticians with specialized training will meet you wherever you are in your journey with cancer, and create an individual massage experience designed to comfort and support your entire body.  Light to moderate pressure to help relieve stress, pain, and fatigue, while promoting increased circulation and immune function, creating a sense of well being.  The key to safety and comfort for our clients is in the adjustment of pressure. length of session, positioning and avoidance of affected areas.  Regardless of the severity of any health challenged guests, everyone can receive comfort from touch therapy massage.

$90.00 (60 min)

$50.00 (30 min)

Hand Therapy Care


Foot Therapy Care

Special attention is given to the skin on the hands and feet and the fragility of the nails.  Side effects from medication and treatments can lead to mild to severe nail changes, causing discomfort and pain.  Hands and feet can become tender and sore.  Flaky irritated skin and swelling fingers and toes.  Soft gentle touch technique along with hydration and nail strentghening will help ease the pressure of tight and sore agitated skin,\.



Sometimes we need a little help to look more like your self again.  Side effects from medication and treatments can effect our eyebrow hair, uneven pigmentation, dark circles around the eyes and dull skin.Not to worry we are here to help.  We will show you the latest tips and tricks to help put your best face forward!


Cancellation/Late Arrival Policy

  • We require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice for the cancellation of group, couples packages and/or packages otherwise full charges will apply
  • Singles service(s) cancellation requires 24 hours advance notice. A fee of 50% of the price of the service(s) will be charged for cancellations less than the minimum time permitted
  • Please keep in mind that if you arrive late the duration of your treatment will be shortened so the next guest may begin on time.