Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Corrective Cosmetics FAQs

Is It Safe?

Micropigmentation is applied using the highest sanitization methods that are available. Sterile use disposable needles are used. Everything that is used on the client is disposable including a barrier guard on all the equipment so that there is no cross contamination between clients.

Does It Hurt?

Everyones pain sensitivity varies. The application of Micro-Pigmentation involves minor discomfort but topical anaesthetics are used during the procedure.

What Should I Expect Right After My Treatment?

The colour will be 30%-50% darker, with slight swelling and redness that will last approximately 24 hours. No cosmetics should be worn over the area for 3-5 days.

How Long Will It Last?

Most colours last between 3-5 to 10 years depending on the colour. Periodic touch-ups are recommended to maintain the desired look.

Is It Guaranteed?

Of course we want you to be happy with your decision of Micro-Pigmentation. Some skin peeling and lightening is normal and that is why a 30-day touch up is free and highly recommended to perfect the desired look that you have chosen.

Permanent Cosmetics


An eyeliner procedure defines the lash line and enhances your eye shape. Thickness and colour may vary according to a clients request. Pigment is implanted close to the lash line to ensure a natural line.


If you use a pencil to define your eyebrows, permanent cosmetics would certainly rid you of that burden. Keep the perfect shade and shape during the gym, swimming and while you are asleep. An eyebrow procedure may take on the appearance of simulated hair strokes of colour beneath existing light and sparse hairs.

Lip Liner & Colour

A lip liner only defines the existing lip line, but may also augment the size. It can also camouflage any scars and other anormalities such as cleft palate. Lip augmentation to increase the size and fullness of the natural lipline.

Hair Re-Pigmentation

Because we can mimic hair strokes that resembe actual hair on the body, Micropigmentation can camouflage scars on the head, hairline and even the eyebrows. Thining hair along the part around the hairline can also be camouflaged.

Medical Corrective Cosmetics

Camouflage and Scars

Micropigmentation can correct many areas that might require camouflaging. These areas include aeola, nipples, vitiligo, scars resulting from burns and plastic surgery hairlines and face lift scars.


Price List

Consultation – $25.00 (30 minutes – $25.00 is deducted from the final price after the treatment is completed)

Eyebrows – $500.00 (2.5 hours)

Eyeliner Upper – $400.00 (1.5 hours)

Eyeliner Lower – $300.00 (1 hour)

Eyeliner Both – $600.00 (2.5 hours)

Eyelash Enhancement – $600.00 (2 hours – colour along the lash line only)

Lip-Liner – $350.00 (2 hours)

Lip-Liner and Lip Colour – $800.00 (3.5 hours)

Beauty Mark – $100.00

Touch-Up – $250.00/hour

Areola (bilateral) – $750.00